Use of Drones in Health and Accident Insurance Industries

Drones are one of the latest things being talked about. In the present scenario they are of different sizes and shapes and are still in the process of development as far as their capability, flight time and stability is concerned.

The future of drones in the health care industry is promising, as they are used to extend assistance to people who are in extreme need of it.

Uses of Drones in Healthcare industry

Drones are capable of making a flight without any pilot onboard. This is a huge advantage in cases where an accident has occurred and help is to be delivered immediately. Also, in situations or places where it’s too dangerous to take a team of rescuers, drones offer a safe and efficient alternative. Drones are being used to deliver medicine in some countries.

Uses of Drone in Accident Insurance Industry

· There are drones that can fly at high altitudes and these drones can provide you with real time images that are comparable to those of the satellites. These images can be used in order to assess the value as well as the risk related to the properties of all kinds.

· These drones are capable of geo-mapping. This feature can be useful in determining the risk prone areas such as that for fire, earthquake or any other natural elements. This will enable the insurance companies to assess the area accurately and rate it accordingly.

· The geo-mapping can be done several times without having to pay extra.

· These drones can even be used for risk monitoring. For example in the field of oil and gas they can look for any burst in the pipe line or in the field of agriculture they can be used monitor the crops for their health and any pest attack or look for any kind of untoward incident in a large commercial property.

· The drone can be used by the insurance companies to establish much required communication in the areas that have been hit by an emergency situation.

· In case of any kind of disaster the use of drone will enable the insurance companies to send out appropriate help in the areas that require the help most. Also right kind of response team can be sent according to the information obtained through drone.

· The drones that are designed for mid range flights can be used to assess the exact location of the accident, call for emergency and can also carry the basic first aid to the accident site.

Use of drone in health care and accident insurance is becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. It is only a matter of time when we will be seeing these aerial vehicles being used in hospitals too for dispensing healthcare services to the patients. This technology is going to be a boon once the rules and regulations regarding drone transport are formulated and become effective.

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