Good Vibrations – The Vibeholic Portable Vibration Speaker System

If you are going away over the New Year on holiday or to visit friends and family and are a music fan, the Vibeholic portable vibration speaker system is just what you need!

A runaway success at CeBit 2010 in Hannover, the Vibeholic is an innovative new product, completely different to traditional speaker systems. It’s all in the vibrations…

When you hit a drum, the surface vibrates, causing the air around it also to vibrate and generate a sound. The Vibeholic works on the same principle. Simply attach the mini module to any solid surface – this could be a cup, a cardboard box, a piece of wood, an umbrella, anything! – and it will turn it into a speaker. Different surfaces will have different sound properties so have fun experimenting with the different effects you can create. The Vibeholic works particularly well on cardboard which has the effect of a sub-woofer!

The Vibeholic is extremely practical and simple to use. It is small – pocket sized – so you can take it anywhere at any time. The “Magic PU” sticker will easily stick to any surface you can think of! When it gets dirty, all you need to do is to wipe it with a wet finger and it will be sticky again and ready to use. The Vibeholic works with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack which will connect to MP3 players (including all iPods), laptops (and iPads), handheld consoles such as PSP and some mobile phones.

Amaze your friends and family with this unusual small but powerful speaker system and enjoy fantastic quality sound anywhere and everywhere you go!

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