Criteria For Choosing a Wireless Microphone System

Wireless microphones are best for performers who don’t like standing or sitting in one place while performing. They have many advantages over their wired counterparts. These microphones lower the risk of cable trip hazards in the performance space. They don’t require the use of any physical cable. They are linked to the sound recording or amplifying equipment via a wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver.

Criteria to Choose a Wireless Microphone:

  • When choosing a wireless microphone, it is better to take a handheld sample of the tool. With a transmitter box, you can easily eliminate the constricting cable. This type of microphone is best suitable for smaller rooms.
  • Prefer choosing one that has a body pack. Such a microphone allows you to move freely around the stage when performing. You need not hold it in your hand. Simply attach the pack to your collar or to your waistband.
  • You can consider choosing a lavaliere microphone, which you can clip to your clothes or to your lapel. The lavaliere microphone does not emit the popping sound prevalent in the handheld microphones. To get the best sound quality you need to place these microphones six inches away from your chin. You will get a body pack transmitter with these microphones.
  • If you like to move around a lot when performing or giving a presentation, a headset microphone will be your best option. On the other hand if you are a like to perform or speak without moving much, a clip-on-microphone can be your ideal option.
  • While choosing one it is always better to have good amount of knowledge about the differences between VHF and UHF transmissions. Microphones that operate on the UHF band have a frequency similar to that of the cordless phones and hence drop off easily. On the contrary, wireless microphones operating on VHF band give out much clearer sound.

By considering the tips mentioned above, you can choose the most suitable wireless microphones for yourself.

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